(Mapping Maternal Subjectivities, Identities and Ethics)

About MaMSIE
MaMSIE creates spaces for interdisciplinary conversations about the maternal across different knowledge and practice communities including feminism, psychoanalysis, the social sciences, philosophy, visual and performance art, literature, and creative writing. MaMSIE aims to open up and sustain critical debates about the maternal, and explore the unique site the maternal occupies at the potent intersection between scientific possibilities, psychosocial practices and cultural representations.

As an interdisciplinary network of scholars, artists and practitioners, MaMSIE is leading a re-consideration of the maternal in contemporary culture and is a unique network in the European context, with an expanding international membership. MaMSIE’s activities include:
  • organizing and hosting events such as conferences, symposia, workshops and other forums for discussion;
  • collecting and collating scholarly and aesthetic work on the maternal and stimulating discussion among its members through an interactive online wiki.
  • publishing an online, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal, Studies in the Maternal.

If you are interested in MaMSIE or want to join our network, MaMSIE has MOVED to: www.mamsie.orgCheck out our new site and join to be informed of the latest news, journal issues, and events.